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My name is Ronnie Gane. I’m a young(ish) engineer and software developer from New Zealand, currently stationed in Auckland.

This is my personal playground, a place to experiment and learn.

About Me

  • Born on the cusp of the 90s in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Grew up in a little rural town (pop 4000) called Helensville.
  • Studied both Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Auckland. Neither of which I use in my current career, but they were fascinating and challenging.
  • Worked a couple of years as a design engineer until I decided it wasn’t for me and switched to my true passion of coding.
  • Love all sorts of areas of software engineering and programming. I’m particularly interested in security and machine learning. Probably because I love maths and algorithms.
  • When I’m not coding, you’ll probably find me playing Dota 2 or Rainbow Six: Siege with my mates.

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