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One of my favourite command line tools is tldr.

It gives you concise, practical examples of how to use whatever command you’ve forgotten today. Much more immediately useful than reading through a man page.

$ tldr hugo


Hugo is a fast and flexible static site generator.

- Create a new Hugo site:
  hugo new site path/to/site

- Create a new Hugo theme (themes may also be downloaded from https://themes.gohugo.io/):
  hugo new theme theme_name

- Create a new page:
  hugo new section_name/filename

- Build a site to the `./public/` directory:

- Build a site including pages that are marked as a "draft":
  hugo --buildDrafts

- Build a site to a given directory:
  hugo --destination path/to/destination

- Build a site, start up a webserver to serve it, and automatically reload when pages are edited:
  hugo server

The pages are open source so it’s easy to contribute new material: https://github.com/tldr-pages/tldr

There are many different clients, in Node, Ruby, Python, or your favourite language or package manager.

I use a simple POSIX shell client, which seemed like a good lightweight option.

Try it out, you’ll use it a lot more than you think!